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13 and 14 September 1393 written retraining repair (1), radiology, endodontics (0)

General Dentists Association's executive staff retraining of the day Thursday 13/6/93 in the morning re-Operative (1) The design, schedule, was held.
The doctor Ramin Fhyma general dentistry and Dental Material researcher spoke of glass ionomer cements.
He is also the author of many articles and Applied Chemistry BSc in their repertoire. This topic Batslt special recognition for the participants and the type of glass ionomer cements, composites and its applications in dentistry fully addressed.
The next speaker retraining doctor Shabnam Sharifi Milani Dentistry specialist, who has experience in training and proficiency in the use of composites in anterior and posterior teeth bleaching are workshops. He addressed the issue of the proper relationship of dental and cosmetic items that were effective in creating a beautiful smile and pleasant. On the afternoon of Thursday 13 / 6/93 re Radiology
The doctor Ali Kavoussi, radiologist oral, maxillofacial, member of the board of Radiology, Faculty Member of the University of New imaging techniques such as & nbsp; MCI_CT and CBCT & nbsp; Spoke, the participants discussed their suggestions and comments on the application software CBCT diagnosis continued. The use of CBCT in dentistry is undeniable. Ali Kavoosi famous doctor sobriety and wisdom of professionals, it shall be fully responsible for their knowledge in this field was taken.
The dawn Brvnvsh doctor, radiologist oral, maxillofacial and faculty member at his address as radiographic evidence of bone lesions in the jaw, teeth began affiliated and non-affiliated. The third speaker Toktam Jalayer doctor radiologist oral, maxillofacial and experienced faculty members. His speech radiation health and safety in pregnant women. Toktam Jalayer doctor about the latest research in the field to discuss thoroughly and comprehensively addressed./>

On the morning of Friday 14 / 6/93 re Andv5
General Dentists Association of Endodontic re-written on 14/6/93 in the offices held.
The doctor Amir Abbas Meshari Andvdantyst and Faculty of Dentistry, Islamic Azad University of endodontic emergencies and procedural errors were addressed. He speaks of mastering all of the systems used in practice and errors and unexpected situations that may be faced by every dentist is finished.
Doctor Shahram huge Endodontists & nbsp; And Assistant & nbsp; Department of Endodontics, School of Dentistry, Islamic Azad University and Scientific Secretary General Dentists Association's annual scientific congress, detailed statements about & quot; Endo or implants - Implants for surgery or & quot; Which provide a welcoming and noted a participant fails. The discussion was followed by a question and answer participants about their experiences and problems with them exchanged. He is Scientific Secretary of the General Dental Council's sixty-hour canal are also held three successful it is.
General Dentists Association's mission is to promote knowledge of academic and administrative staff is commendable efforts of the President of the Association. Thursday and Friday, September 13V14 organizers re-written in the restorative doctor Leila truth, in the field of radiology doctor Amjadi S., Endo doctor in doctor Sanambar divine Leila Atai and the retraining of the forum.
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