Sunday 24 June 2018

Fifth Conference of the implant

Implants are so popular and gained public fame is that more people than any other dental sciences from the knowledge gained & zwnj; and & nbsp; In addition to the scientific community dentistry, many individuals, communities, institutions and associations & zwnj; they try to have & zwnj; ROM itself the custodian of the implant know and all its power in the Conference & zwnj; implant in various forms has & zwnj; have.
General Dentists Association of pride that leads to remind our community that is the first comprehensive conference on 28-26 May 1386 with an implant has been set up, & nbsp; Today's successful & zwnj; the admirable past ten years, the fifth conference of the implant itself on 30 October to 2 Persian date Aban 1393 in Tehran Energy Research will hold the good news to pass the association of dentists All dentists and specialists in the country In all Conference & zwnj; her to attend the conference and big science comes & zwnj; read it & zwnj; be at the scene of Dentistry gospel movement and constructive influence on the process and the future implant to display.
Of all partners, general practitioners and specialists involved in the training of dental implant treatment, especially in the field & zwnj; and prosthetics, periodontics, surgery, radiology, and at the same time from other disciplines & zwnj; specialized invites & zwnj; is to write articles, your volunteer Speaking at the conference, Big & zwnj; be.

On Friday 24 August 1393 literature review meeting will be held

So eagerly expect your articles in the special format here until Tuesday 21 July 1393 send.
Dentists in this country that we have once again decided & zwnj; we've put together a great achievement in dental science homeland & zwnj; we offer our proud & zwnj; we. The Fifth Congress of dentists five basic question to answer & zwnj; s manufacturer & zwnj; accomplish:

5 Ws & nbsp; The conceptual orientation: Whom, Where, When, Why, Which
With the theme: & nbsp; Management of Complication and Failures in Dental Implant (management problems and failures with implants)
Implants & zwnj; they put in their mouth & zwnj; we fail & zwnj; and failure & zwnj; it's & zwnj; we know to become successful.
On 30 October 1393 Afroozan gaining knowledge and science meet, Tehran & ndash; Energy Research
Thank you.
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