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A proud symbol of the third and fourth sessions of the occlusion of

Miracle in time we decided to treat the more tools we use this miracle happened.
The miracle included Dentists & zwnj; That the period of occlusion registration & zwnj; their name. Courses & zwnj; a prominent professors love to practice dentistry & zwnj; What the treatment will lead practitioners to teach them.
Thursday morning, the great master and scholar of the doctor Syed Jalil, Chairman, Prosthodontists, determines & zwnj; jaw movement and the factors affecting the morphology of the mandibular teeth & zwnj; it fully, & nbsp; The theoretical and the cast is described schematically.
Friday morning educated professor, doctor, Mohammad Hossein Pedram, Prosthodontists, cosmetic denture occlusion in three main groups, with fixed teeth & zwnj; natural According to the latest achievements & zwnj; Science & zwnj; And also by providing innovative and creative ways to simplify their material, their training. Articles that achieving them requires reading several books and articles Search in the world is a long time.

On Friday afternoon, the doctor, Ramin Ghndh, dentists and prosthodontics, as scientific secretary of total occlusion excellent job so far incurred have been widely used to & zwnj; and not & zwnj; s & nbsp; At the height manipulation teeth (VD) paid.

All of them having any treatment to restore normal VD VD & nbsp; In particular patient depends on the knowledge & zwnj; Full of all & zwnj; Components & zwnj; the occlusion and the practical knowledge involved in this standard & nbsp; Fully described.

Also Friday evening lady doctor Ms. Kazemi, & nbsp; Dentistry specialist in the treatment & zwnj; the replacement repair & zwnj; VD composite reconstruction in selected patients for this treatment plan, based on the treatment & zwnj; Statistical during & zwnj; The past few years and restorations & zwnj; The technique & zwnj; trained new.

Dare & zwnj; we can say at this period as a comprehensive university professors teach the finer points and special dental treatment & zwnj; occlusion of the face are well & zwnj; Pointed out with regard to the principles of complete occlusion of the participants are guided in this way.
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