Sunday 24 June 2018

General Dentists Association's strong objection to the non-payment of additional premium Orthodontics

Distinguished colleagues
In orthodontics, general dentist orthodontic treatment has been removed by the Action of Professional & zwnj; that he distorted and that, in fact, to sleep a long time to remove the general dentist orthodontic treatment was seen, the action is.
The tariff Orthodontic Insurance & zwnj; additional terms of cost to the patient, it is stated that:
& quot; orthodontic costs colleagues general dentist orthodontists not only in the city that will be paid. & Quot;
These written rules of procedure represents a false impression, the understanding of science and knowledge. Scores & zwnj; booming and income for a large office, port science to discredit him and the financial industry with & nbsp; Mechanical removal of their dentists. Scientific and legal basis for the ability of dentists around the world who are unfortunately in our country for the benefit of others, & nbsp; The invalidity of that line is drawn.
General dentists can perform orthodontic treatment for your answer..
Our time was about & quot; Orthodontics & quot; But their protests were silent today to reach a conclusion justice by sending a petition to the & nbsp; And continue the protest action.
Our right to protest against injustice. We've learned .dndanpzshkan serves the public in any way they can improve their knowledge. We stand for their rights.

Tariff orthodontic we declare as follows:
& Nbsp;
Row Service name General Specialist Description
1 All jaws with fixed orthodontic appliance 000R760R25 000R800R36 Dentist approved trustee
2 Each jaw with fixed orthodontic appliance 000R880R12 000R400R18 Dentist approved trustee
3 Both orthodontic jaw surgery in patients with autoimmune Srjry - 000R000R38 Dentist approved trustee
4 Each jaw orthodontic appliances 000R393R5 000R700R7 Dentist approved trustee
5 All jaws with fixed orthodontic appliance R. P .E 000R955R24 000R000R33 Dentist approved trustee
6 Orthodontic Appliances Repair 000R460 000R540 Dentist approved trustee
7 No. Habit Breaker 000R875R2 000R900R3 Dentist approved trustee
8 No functional 000R737R3 000R200R5 Dentist approved trustee

& Bull; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The cost of orthodontic treatment after the OPG radiograph Patients seen during treatment or during treatment is payable.
& Bull; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Cost of Orthodontics Orthodontist colleagues general dentist who is not only in cities, will be paid.
& Bull; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Rytynr fixed and movable fixed ortho treatment after the treatment and can not pay.
& Bull; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Of patients before and after surgery is orthosurgery include all treatments.
   2013/2/25 11:34

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