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Note Additional canceled by the single article of the doctor's office

Dear Colleagues & zwnj;
Careers & zwnj; Practitioners and related professionals in building & zwnj; residential and commercial property & zwnj; And rental based on a single article of the law passed in 1366 allowed the doctor's office.

Recently delivered a note to the single article of the doctor in the Iranian parliament proposed a very limited exceptions, established and set up an office in the building & zwnj; subject to the consent of all residential & zwnj; Building owners with the formal consent & zwnj; I & zwnj; be.
Accordingly, the Medical Council & zwnj; Islamic Republic of Iran & zwnj; A 1/35274 dated 6/07/93 for the abolition of the bill and out of Parliament's agenda was a .mtn as follows:

& Nbsp;

& Nbsp;

& Nbsp;

   2013/2/25 11:40

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