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Talk about getting the right tariff doctor Bagher Zadeh Shehni implants insurance

Following & zwnj; Release Announcement General Dentists Association of the & nbsp; & nbsp; remove the vast majority of dentists in most densely populated areas Country of receipt the tariff implant, the doctor Bagher Zadeh Shehni General Dentists Association's president did an interview.

Aygdanyvz : The doctor MB Shehni & zwnj; Please pay the insurance premium is born implants?

A : Long & zwnj; and we knew we had some & zwnj; a plan Dental treatment in various subjects & zwnj; Including implants, orthodontics, even beauty & zwnj; And laser dentists remove .tbyy & zwnj; That design that cause < span lang = "AR-SA"> The gap between health specialists and general practitioners, and as soon as you put it, Joe Public tense up, so it was observed that the policy of & zwnj; insurers across the country Provocations was .

We do not believe & zwnj; we take any such action, but unfortunately this action was carried out; .

Aygdanyvz : What is?

A : See your dentist for patients treated & zwnj; of doing such This treatment & zwnj; s implant & zwnj; is . Time & zwnj; and the number & zwnj; trying to implant specialty, specialty, or any There's something else, but & zwnj; General practitioners and specialists around the world, courses & zwnj; short implants do .

In our country into any new treatment Dental & zwnj; The old controversy of the laminate to implant, orthodontics always comes first discuss its monopoly.

Syndicate implants insurance supplemental insurers have established a tariff treatment that is written in any of the prosthodontists, Surgical & nbsp; Or periodontics is a general dentist does not pay the additional premium & zwnj; be.

Aygdanyvz : For You This is to say, in Tehran, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Mashhad general dentist or an implant put if insurance will not pay?

A : Yes - not just this. Hundreds of which this is true & zwnj; slow, is deplorable that millions of patients, dentists in the treatment of their health insurance, they will be removed deprived & nbsp; & nbsp; and Joe Public to question the controversial I & zwnj; they can not and should not, perhaps, dental implants work . People & zwnj; The decision & zwnj; and they must also consider the social consequences of their work.

Aygdanyvz : in this What about you?

A : our first general dentists as they will inform the interests of the Association and The organization & zwnj; the relevant warning will the decision be revised by subsequent . into & zwnj; civil protest will be. Because in this case at least, 10 to 15 thousands of general practitioners and their patients will damage the action .

via our website and newsletter will be published next Knyd.atlaat pursue the matter.

   2013/2/25 11:16

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