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The court declared void your medical conditions, taxes

Medical Council & zwnj; Every year, the & nbsp; State Tax Organization & nbsp;
In the complaint submitted to the court of the State Tax Agency, is against the law occasion an interview with the doctor slaughtered R. single-judge court judgments issued by the Court on the results was performed.
General Dentists Association's news: Dear doctor uniform taxation of medical routine has been and how changes & zwnj; As a result of the rulings issued by the Supreme Administrative What has changed?
Doctor Unit notifies you each year the tax on the basis of Article 158 Tax Code direct instructions of how to declare the tax for owners of medical issues & zwnj; and the rate tax payers medicine compared to the previous year determines & zwnj; slow. It also specifies the conditions for the use of self & zwnj; that's because it agrees with the Medical Council provides instructions & zwnj; agreement to the tax would & zwnj; say. According to the individual instructions & zwnj; can express themselves and agreed tax system that accepts its terms. Including the tax must be applied as prescribed in the instructions to increase its report.and also in self agreement with trade union organizations, trade organizations, such as the Medical Council unforeseen and engage the Medical Council in the implementation of self tax legal basis is essentially an agreement tax on notes & zwnj; following & nbsp; Article 100 of the Tax & zwnj; directly related to Group A and B of Article 95 of the Tax & zwnj; not directly & zwnj; .lza with this is that the tax payers way to express themselves Medicine & zwnj; Had declared against the law to accept your tax return statements, determine the conditions under which a legal ruling is inconsistent with Article 158 of the Tax & zwnj; Direct. Furthermore, even among groups & zwnj; various medical & zwnj; In distinction was pink & zwnj; The performance of the tax year & zwnj; before the agreed check & zwnj; Had been excluded from coverage & zwnj; For Medical Council's & zwnj; Made available to some & zwnj;
Select and tax changes found? The ever increasing self Krd.bray these conditions then what is the ruling ?.
The doctor Unit: This waiver is such that & nbsp; Now Partners Medical Group & zwnj; If & nbsp;In terms of wages, etc., in fact, I've had this year compared to last year, any increase in revenue and tax increases can not therefore have the & nbsp; Because the tax is based on the sheet detection & nbsp; Pay tax.
Aygda AT & zwnj; In this way the self Moody Medicine & zwnj; The Department of Finance to as the & nbsp; This assignment will be accepted and that an increasing percentage each year & zwnj; that is revoked.
The doctor Unit: Yes this is the case for annulment of the conditions was that the instructions have been revoked. Or take the time to express themselves & zwnj; Who agreed with the statement and determine if the taxpayer confidence to express themselves against the law.

Aygda: what & nbsp; Guarantees that if a working example, I declare that to the & nbsp; Past years have not added any income & zwnj; and I should not have to pay additional taxes .zmant executive refuses to accept that it is the State Tax?
If it does not accept the terms & nbsp; Can go to court and see if the tax court invalidated a statute that is acted on his tax & nbsp; It is possible to cancel the Knd.albth because Tghyyb disciplinary violation census there.
Aygda: the & nbsp; Vote when it is issued by the court?
The doctor Unit of the General Board of the court day & nbsp; Monday 19 November 1393 the decision was issued.
Aygda: Does the organization & zwnj; State Tax communicated?
The doctor Unit: -Hnvz not been informed but soon will be notified and & zwnj; Through the media in the Official Gazette & zwnj; It will be printed.
Source : خبرگزاری انجمن دندانپزشکان عمومی ایران      2013/2/25 11:18

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