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Pharmacies were assigned to medical monitoring system

The reduction of government involvement in the activities of various classes, pharmacy & zwnj; they are not deprived. Recent news suggests that the licensing authority Pharmacies & zwnj; and monitor their work, the FDA is currently available, it is to be delegated to the Medical Council.

If yesterday to establish a pharmacy, pharmacists must be licensed by the Ministry of Health & zwnj;, the Medical Council will now have to go. The Medical Council of the other rather than the Ministry of Health, the main supervisor of the pharmacy activities & zwnj; will be.

However, this authority, only part of the Memorandum & zwnj; a joint between the FDA and the medical system was reached.

According to Understanding & zwnj; Letters between the two organizations, is the administration of rational drug distribution, cosmetics, health, accreditation of pharmacy & zwnj; Hospital & zwnj; and policy in the pharmaceutical, food, referral system and family physicians are also medical council delegated to In the first step, now licensing Pharmacies & zwnj; And monitor the work of the Ministry of Health has taken a shower and was assigned to the medical system.

Tfvys the Ministry of Health, Medical Council of State & zwnj; several have been proposed, but each time, for various reasons, it is not operational. In such circumstances, the Ministry of Health's new action should be considered a first step for the devolution of the ministry.

Due to this & zwnj; the Ministry of Health, involved in the development of health care and the government to change the system of health services, the cost has many experts and health systems agree that the transfer of authority to the Department of Medical Council, I & zwnj; be agile and with the help of the ministry of health, health development plan achieved better results.

The assignment of this part of the Ministry of Health is currently in the country to do & zwnj; be. As Vice monitoring program & zwnj; Customizable Medical Council ISNA said, based on understanding & zwnj; a joint Medical Council and the Food and Drug Administration, pilot implementation devolution licensing Pharmacies & zwnj; are currently three university martyr Beheshti, Tehran and Sabzevar done & zwnj; be.

According to Mohammad Jahangir, plan & zwnj; Planning & zwnj; made to possible errors, licensing Pharmacies & zwnj; for three to five months on a pilot basis by the Medical Council do & zwnj; and then the state delegation we have available.

Accordingly, the issuance of licenses for the establishment and operation & zwnj; operation of Pharmacy & zwnj; and Technical Assistant Pharmacy & zwnj;, monitoring, evaluation and accreditation of pharmacy & zwnj; the country in collaboration with the Medical Council and the Association of Pharmacists, will run.

In explaining the reasons for this new initiative, the official Medical Council believes that, Medical Council and Forum & zwnj; scientific expertise to assist the Ministry of Health & zwnj; come to administrative problems and incumbency on the shoulders of the Ministry of Health take the ministry able to act as its main policy and program monitoring & zwnj; enough time planning and monitoring at the macro level do.

The authority of the Ministry of Health of September this year, executive & zwnj; and, as planned, in addition to licensing Pharmacies & zwnj; and monitor their work, even the Accreditation of Pharmacy & zwnj; and the Medical Council be given, this action can & zwnj; the most serious step to take into account the devolution of health.

Ministry of Health: This is the definitive authority

The Deputy monitoring program & zwnj; Customizable Medical Council categorically stated that, after five months of entrusting the trial, the state of the authority of the Ministry of Health has also done & zwnj; but M. Pyrsalhy, Director drug, the FDA said & zwnj; Interview with Jam & zwnj , stipulates Jam & zwnj; it transfers the part of the Ministry of Health, is uncertain and it is being done on a pilot basis.

The official stressed & zwnj;: We have over the past few months, the Medical Council on this observation, and if the fit note, the licensing of pharmacies & zwnj; and the medical system in the country will be run. < br />
In fact, the position of the Ministry of Health on the subject of the assignment, and the only positive consequences and implications of this authority, delegated full authority to do & zwnj; be.

Fear of loss of monitoring & zwnj; s

Devolution of authority to the Department of Health and entrusting Medical Council, the desire to advance & zwnj; that might transfer the incumbency, the monitoring activities & zwnj; Pharmacies & zwnj; to decrease or to put it simply, Medical Council of the absence of monitoring & zwnj; government, pharmacy owners have the air.

Ismail Eden, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Medical Council in saying & zwnj; Interview with Jam & zwnj; Jam believes this issue is of concern, because the law permits Pharmacies & zwnj; and monitoring their activities not change & zwnj; and rules with the same power Previous Runs & zwnj; be.

According to him, the Medical Council Licensing doctor's office, has extensive experience in the opinion of Eden, based on the long experience, the problem of devolution licensing Pharmacies & zwnj; they do not & zwnj; comes.

The deputy drug, the FDA also states that & zwnj; slow, even if delegated full authority to the Medical Council, still monitoring & zwnj; public holiday will continue monitoring & zwnj; macro Ministry of Health on the pharmacy & zwnj; done & zwnj; the .

But with all these interpretations, just five months after the experiment prove that this authority, the drug level monitoring & zwnj; cuts & zwnj; or not.

Pharmacists should be understanding with us

If the Ministry of Health and Medical Council to consider two sides to implement this new measure, the third side will implement this new decision, pharmacists are.

Ali Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations Association of Pharmacists of Cup & zwnj; Jam & zwnj; says have the authority, the role of pharmacists is also important to consider and should be organization & zwnj; Medical Our understanding & zwnj; a sign.

Good will & zwnj; says no & zwnj; that pharmacists do everything, but the decision & zwnj; of & zwnj; and such, Pharmacists Association, the legal authority and the right not to sign.

Of course, the official in charge of the general nature of the assignment agreement, but the success of this transfer if you & zwnj; knows Medical Council also Pharmacists Association, more cooperation, and the organization of pharmacists in the & zwnj; any decision & zwnj; of & zwnj ; major, is involved.

Confidence in the private sector in the form of continuous monitoring

Rahman Rostomiants, Commissioner of Health Assembly with regard to the devolution of Ministry of Health, Cup & zwnj; Jam & zwnj; says if the private sector oversight that, then you & zwnj; very comfortable & zwnj; the private sector trust, But if monitoring & zwnj; weak, then I fear & zwnj; the private sector is unable Policy & zwnj; overall health system is properly implemented.

This is done in many developed countries & zwnj; and thus it was very good & zwnj; have.

For example, the well & zwnj; knows what a poor country, the pharmacy is in dire need, but if the task to the private sector, it is likely that the private sector so aborts and fails to take policy and fair & zwnj; in this exercise.
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