Monday 28 September 2020
Comprehensive Laser course in IGDA

Massage of president

Dear Colleagues

I am very honored to inform you that our mission is to lead, promote, protect, improve and support our members through serving them by initiatives in education and setting professional standards and commitments of assure excellence for dentists and thus attainment of optimal oral health care of society. The IGDA’s vision is to improving the oral health quality of the public and generating strong, updated, professional dentists. For this sake IGDA provide and organize dental comprehensive courses with the best valuable scientific load.

Bagher Shehnizadeh D.D.S
President of IGDA
(Iranian General Dentists Association)

Comprehensive laser course in IGDA

In dental practices, everyday use of laser beam is continuously progressing clinical applications are seen as invading all the fields of dentistry. In the case of a few oral and dental applications, laser use can offer better results than those obtained by the use of conventional treatments. Any advanced technological aids, such as dental lasers require adequate know – how with a progressive learning curve. In order to enhance dentist’s knowledge of laser technology applications in dentistry; IGDA organized a dental comprehensive laser course up to 60 hours which comprises 10, six-hr. sessions. This course were developed through a consensus process with members from dental laser organizations, academia, industry and private practice. This course will teach dentists how to successfully treat their patients with different dental lasers by the faculty of the universities who expert in dental lasers. Through lessons on this course theory and hands-on participation activities aim to help dentists acquire specific proficiency and clinical experiences in laser wave lengths principally used in dentistry and with live operations on patients performed by expert teachers. IGDA is dedicated to the motto “proper laser training is not an unreachable goal“. Hopefully much popularity enjoy laser courses in dental treatments and nowadays dental lasers are staple part of all symposium and conferences. IGDA is to establish mutual contacts with leading academic laser departments and societies to exchange latest information and achievements in the field of laser dentistry training.

Dr. Nassim Nabavinejad D.D.S
Executive manager of comprehensive laser course

(Iranian General Dentists Association)

First Comprehensive laser course in IGDA

The first dental comprehensive laser course which IGDA organized started on 29 may 2014 and it was planned up to 60 hours that comprised 10, six – hr session. Each session concludes Theories and hands on practices plus live patients treatments under the masters’ supervision with excellent results! The aim of this course is to develop the professional in clinical applications in dental lasers treatments, beside help dentist acquire specific proficiency in laser wavelengths used in dentistry. The first dental comprehensive laser course has accomplished successfully on 8th of AUG 2014 with considerable attainments.
Topics of the first comprehensive laser course in IGDA


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