Sunday 25 September 2022
Esthetic course
Esthetic The sixth comprehensive Esthetic course of the Iranian General Dentist Association is ready to begin. The Esthetic course curriculum, rescaduled after five successful course was held. In this course first of all , smile design principles in every individual person due to face form , cheeks , lips , vertical & horizontal lines will be taught . This session in one of the important basics which needs to learn carefully . Dental treatments some times is perfect by quality & proper color it’s not match with the patient face . This happens because combination and harmony of Esthetic treatment is not match with patient face from smile design view . In comprehensive Esthetic course : Porcelain laminate veneers Composite laminate veneers Posterior composite fillings Bleaching Fiber post , core build up Occlusion Full Ceram crowns Will be taught This course include hand’s on workshops like laminate porcelain preparation , layering technic in composite veneers , canal preparation & cementation of fiber post . Live workshop on patient includes , bleaching , composite veneers , preparation & molding of laminate , Posterior composite filling & full Ceram preparation.

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