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implant course
It is quickly becoming imperative for the general practitioner and specialists to be competent in the diagnosis,treatment planning and treatment techniques of the dental implant patients. IGDA offers a 100 hr's Implant Comprehensive course which is among the most respected and comprehensive training programs in dentistry in Iran.This training program includes 12,8:30 hr's. sessions,and follows the guidelines set by renowned university faculty which follows the international course topics. IGDA has successfully completed 9 comprehensive courses in implantology and the course presenters are comprised of some of the most respected and recognized instructors and the country's top authorities in implant dentistry. This course will include surgical,periodontal,radiological and prosthetics perspectives in dental implants in detail,and will discuss current evidence,concepts and principles necessary to be successful in discussing dental implant with patients,treatment planning cases and placing and restoring dental implants. Training in patient evaluation,surgical placement and implant prosthetics will be provided along with demonstrations,hand's-on,and live on patient with the participation of five internationally well knowned implant systems. You will learn step-by-step techniques to allow for a safe and predictable implant placement and our goal is to provide you with comprehensive knowledge that will both enrich your practice and improve your clinical skills.................................................................. .................................................................................................... 1.Introduction to Dental Implants 2.Rational for dental Implants 3.Definitions of implant ology 4.Implant dentistry historical overview 6.Terminology and definitions of Dental Implants 7-Classification and types of Dental Implants 8-Macroscopic and Microscopic features of Dental Implants 9-Indications and contraindications 10-Bone biology and Osseo integration 11-Normal anatomy and anatomy of hard and soft tissue 12-Engineering of soft tissue 13-Flap design 14- Surface preparation and coating 15- Systemic evaluation and assessment of patient 16- Diagnostic procedures 17- Treatment planning and implant selection 18- Risk management 19-Bone evaluation and assessment of adjacent teeth 20-Different implant cases(simple,advanced,complex) and different techniques of implant surgery 21-Effective factors in healing of bone adjacent to dental implant 22-Prosthetic view of Implant complications and failures 23- Prosthetic armentarium and prosthetic kits, diagnostic cast wax-up 24- Provisional prostheses and fabrication of temporaries 25- Impressions 26- Types of superstructures 27- Totally implant supported prostheses 28- Immediate loading 29-Gradual or progressive loading 30-Laboratory considerations 31-pre and Post prosthetics evaluation and maintenance care 32- Management of implant complications and failures 34-Implant retained, implant supported and implant assisted over dentures 35-Biomechanics and occlusion in overdentures,removable and fixed prosthetics based on implants 36- Imaging methods in treatment plan, surgery and follow up 37-Tomography (CT, CBCT, Conventional) 38-Interventional (Radiographic stent, implant surgical guide in surgery) 39- Anatomical limitations in mandibular canal, maxillary sinus and anatomical variations in radiographs. 40-Bone density 41-2 and 3 dimensional reconstruction 42-Linear and angular measurement of bones 43-Fresh socket protocol in implant placement 44-Atrophic Ridge reconstruction method 45-GBR, GTR,introduction to biomaterials 46- Surgical templates and stents 47- Pharmacology and sedation 48- Surgical preparation and infection control and sterilization protocol 49- Surgical procedures 50- sinus lifts(open and close surgery),bone grafts 51- Postsurgical evaluation, care and follow-up 52- Five implant system demonstration A. Surgery concepts theories B. Surgery concepts (hands on trainings) C. Prosthetic concepts theory D. Prosthetic concepts (hands on training) 53-Influensive factors in surgical failures (maintenance, follow up, per implantitis) 54-five surgery and impression taking hand's-on and live demonstration on patient.

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