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occlusion course
Occlusion is one of the most misunderstood of all areas of dentistry. Most dentists will admit that the occlusion courses they had in dental school were interesting but not very useful when they started practicing. Occlusion influences all areas of clinical dentistry. Lack of knowledge about potentially pathogenic occlusal conditions can cause misdiagnosis leading to clinical failure in both surgical and restorative procedures. Additionally, the opinions and variations in techniques in occlusion are highly confusing, and it is difficult to determine which philosophy of occlusion to incorporate into practice. Advanced knowledge and skill with occlusion and TMD will give you the capacity to take you restorative practice to a new level. Despite TMD and occlusal challenges, you can learn how to manage TMD patients, provide a broad range of clinical treatment and maintain long-term restorative success. You will benefit from a team of university-based faculty , who will show you how to screen patients for TM dysfunction and how to provide advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures for occlusal problems with an emphasis on equilibration. TMD patients present the restorative dentist with challenges that frequently involve much more than an intimate knowledge of occlusion to address. For many, referral is the preferred action when more than occlusion is involved. For some, providing therapeutic changes to the occlusion with appliances , utilizing physical therapy to re-create muscle harmony , and prescribing diagnostic imaging to review the anatomy can provide invaluable information for the restorative process while providing relief and healing for most TMD patients. This requires knowledge and skills beyond restorative dentistry and occlusion. This Comprehensive course will emphasize how to evaluate and apply the basic tenets of occlusal therapy while performing a risk assessment. By exploring the physics, bio-mechanical, physiological, risk assessment and psychological dimensions of occlusion and TMD you will be better prepared to meet the challenges of everyday restorative dentistry. You will understand which patients you most need to concerned about their occlusion with when doing restorative. This course presents a general overview of the common full-arch dental appliances used for parafunction management and protection. The painless to painful continuum of nighttime clenching and grinding is discussed. The use and effectiveness of hard soft materials, appliance design, and effective occlusal and physical characteristics are presented This course will teach dentists how to successfully treat TM dysfunction, improving their patient’s appearance as well as their overall health. And describes treatment suggestions that may be relevant to your day-to-day practice. We will discuss how the use of facebows and articulators can facilitate our diagnostic and restorative treatment. This course makes understanding occlusion much easier. The scientific basis of occlusion starts the series allowing diagnosis and treatment planning to make sense. The following course deals with the several occlusal disorders that most dentists have seen, but they have not taken the time to categorize and make logical conclusions about prevention and treatment. It is enjoyable and will motivate you to make occlusal concepts a routine part of dental practice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topics: - Evolution and Biogenesis of Occlusion - TMJ Stability - Anatomy Of Factors Involved with Occlusion - Physiology Of Jaw Movements - Envelope Of Function – CR - Armamentarium : - Introduction to the Instruments used in recording Jaw Relations and Occlusal Therapy - Clinical Aspects of JMJ treatments (live case) - Types of Occlusal Splints (method and Usage) - Occlusion in Removable , Fixed and Implant Plostedontics – Functional Wax up - Physical therapy and Physio therapy in Occlusal Problems - Occlusal Adjustment( Equilibration) Theory and Live - Etiology and Treatment of TMD - TMJ Radiographs , Paraclinic , diagnosis and Treatment Planing

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